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TRINA offers financial reporting and cost control.

Monthly statements according your needs, in German, English, French or Japanese, will be provided to guarantee you an up-to-date overview and control over investments and cash flow. TRINA can be engaged to supervise the purchase agreements for equipment and investment goods as well as delivery contracts with suppliers of raw material and essentials.

TRINA's accounting service includes:

  • Journalizing and booking of all accounting transactions
  • Supervision of cash flow
  • Invoicing to clients
  • supervision of suppliers' payments, including the issue of cheques and computation of withholding taxes
  • Assistance in preparing budget
  • Computation of monthly director fees, respective salaries, contractual bonus, withholding income taxes and social insurance, unemployment and accident insurance
  • Produce financial statements and general ledgers in Thai language according to standard accounting rules accepted by Thai tax authorities
  • Adjustment of Thai financial statements into parent company group reporting format
  • Fiscal year-end auditing in cooperation with an external auditor
  • Preparation and filling of corporate tax returns

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