As your General Project Manager or being assigned to specific sub-areas, TRINA takes over the supervision and operative management during the realization of your project, such as your own production facility, a joint venture or subcontracting of assembly.

Beginning with the feasibility study until the operational startup, TRINA suggests to you the optimal solutions matching your requirements, supervises the implementation and also represents your interests locally towards loint venture partner, banks, lawyers and government authorities in Thailand.

TRINA is assisting and supervising the applications for all necessary licenses, permissions, possible privileges (BOI, IEAT, etc.) and supervises your architect, construction company; verifies their quotations and performs the cost controlling during the construction period and the procurement of the infrastructure and factory supplies.

All important documents will be continuously translated by TRINA into the language you prefer (English, German, French or Japanese) before you sign them, to prevent misunderstandings and wrong interpretations from the very beginning.

Entrust your project to TRINA Management , and you can be assured that the implementation is fast, according to budget and without disappointments.

TRINA is specialized for small and medium sized projects (up to 500 Mil Baht / 20 Mil US $). Support for larger projects can be arranged upon request.

Based on several years experience in Thailand TRINA offers above services in a competent manner, conforming to legal requirements and at very competitive conditions