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To remain competitive in the market, one of the biggest assets of an organization are competent and flexible members of the middle and upper management.

TRINA provides you with highly qualified candidates for open positions. We maintain a state - of - the -art data bank with several hundred updated entries; from staff level up to directors in the following various categories:

Finance & Accounting  finance , banking, production industry
Secretaries  junior to executive
General Administration  personnel, import - export, planning, logistics
Engineers  electrical, electronic, mechanic, petrochemical,  chemical, pharmaceutical, facility, construction etc.
Production Specialist  qualification equivalent or  higher than Department  Head
Information Technology  LAN, programmers, system analysts etc.
Marketing & Sales  consumer goods, investment goods, etc.

Our candidates have a proven track record in their fields, are well educated, have excellent language skills and are familiar with standard computer applications.

We directly approach the potential candidates with the required background, so in most cases you can save the advertising expenses.

TRINA pre-selects by interview, establishes a short list of approximately 4 suitable candidates for your review, and then arranges the appointment with you.

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