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Mentality, expectations and needs of the local Thai employees as well as the social environment and the legal situation concerning labor law are in many aspects different compared to western countries.

TRINA helps you bridge these differences of culture and develops a concept for your organization which guarantees peace at work, productivity, motivation and complies with legal requirements in Thailand.

Legal Requirement:

TRINA sets up your company regulations according to labor law (in Thai and English) as well as its certification and registration at the labor office.

Employee - Structure and Salary Range:

TRINA designs the organizations employee - structure with positions and requirements, salary ranges (based on the current situation in the market for similar industry activities) and hierarchical levels as well as appraisal systems and criteriafs for promotions to build a foundation for a healthy, competitive and controlled growth in the future and the ability to offer attractive jobs and keep the staff fluctuation low.

Social Benefit Scheme:

TRINA establishes and/or reworks social welfare plans (provident fund, medical compensation, uniform, allowances, training, bonus) including the relevant regulations and the implementation thereof.

Based on several years experience in Thailand TRINA offers above services in a competent manner, conforming to legal requirements and at very competitive conditions.

With our professional support you will evade misunderstandings, prevent high staff fluctuations or labor unrest, and gain on motivation and productivity within your organization.

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